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Watch the Into The Trees online guitar lesson by Brooks Robertson from Fingerstyle Survival Guide

We are going to jump right into the melody without much of an intro. I encourage you to make up your own intro if you feel like it, totally up to you, the tune is in the key of D major for the most part. You might listen to my album version on my website for reference ideas. It’s important to be familiar enough with the melody and tune that you could hum it out loud. The main melody of the song uses chord melody type of playing which means nearly every melody note has a different chord accompanying it. This type of style gives the song a lot of movement. Strive for smoothness and cleanliness with transitioning from one chord form to the next. The melody is usually played at the top of the chord, on the higher treble strings. Take the first few chords to start with and slowly try playing them really emphasizing the melody, remembering to include the rhythmic click of the fingernails on beats 2 and 4 when possible.

Notice the use of the 1/2 step sliding technique, in this case using a diminished chord form. There are many variations that are possible with the 1/2 step sliding technique, this would be a good opportunity to experiment and see what you can come up with. The bridge will utilize some banjo rolls in combination with varying chord inversions and voicing. This is a great place to use your movable chord forms and any variations you come up with. You might try various banjo roll patterns or a combination of them in place of the ones I’ve demonstrated.