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Watch the Jimmy Reed Shuffle online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Essentials: Solo Electric Blues

This is a basic 12 bar blues in E with a simple walking bass line. I am combining what would have been two guitar parts on the original Jimmy Reed recordings to make a cooler, more full part. One that can stand nicely on its own. First I suggest learning the walking bass part before adding in the second guitar part. This way you can lock in the notes and feel. Next I would practice just the second guitar part and lock in that feel and groove. On each of these pay close attention to your right hand as that is acting like the rhythm section of an imaginary band. The rhythm section is the bass and drums. Keeping the right hand playing the steady swing eighth note rhythm is key to this, and countless other blues tunes. This same technique can, and is, used in many different styles, most notably, funk guitar. The right hand acts as the propellant for the groove, or the drummer if you like. It is a great idea just to practice locking in with a metronome or drum machine just with the right hand and mute the strings with the left hand. This way your focus is solely on the groove. When listening, even when you are away from the guitar, try to imagine your right hand laying that groove down. The right hand motion will also help internalize and feel the groove in your body. That's where is needs to be!