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Watch the Purple Hendrix online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Essentials: Radio Rock Solos

Hendrix played the guitar like an orchestra, so when you hit that bottom E string, hit it like the tympani, or when you hit the E7#9 chord, be the horns, when you're playing the riff, be the strings, and on the solo, be the singer.

Lick 1: Using octaves, again we have a motif in a scalar motion. I'm using the E Dorian scale, which is E minor with a raised 6th (so a C# instead of a C Natural).

Lick 2: In the 12th position, I use the same fingering across strings three and four, two and three, and one and two. I’m staying squarely in the Dorian mode. Pay close attention to the way the hammer-ons are played, this is straight from the Hendrix playbook.

Lick 3: A wobbly unison bend - one of my favorites.

Out Section: Play along with the riff with various ad-libs in between. This can be a challenging from a phrasing perspective, so take baby steps on it, but it'll really help you spice up your trio playing.