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Watch the Eric's Bridge online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Essentials: Radio Rock Solos

First Lick: In the 10th position, starting on a D. Use a half-step hammer-on approach to the major 3rd, then the root on the top string, and bend to the root from the b7. So you've already got a nice mix of playing major from inside the minor pentatonic box.

Second Lick: Uses the top two strings, major pentatonic with the 4th degree of the scale added by bending up on the first string. Classic Clapton.

Third Lick: Shift up to the upper extension of the blues box, play the lick and be sure to tweak the F up to an F# (or almost there).

Fourth Lick: Major pentatonic from the 15th position - get this stuff together, it's really useful!

Fifth Lick: Minor pentatonic, but has to end on an A in order to get you back into the song - do the math!