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Watch the Easton's Drive online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Essentials: Radio Rock Solos

The trickiest thing here is nailing the G#dom7 chord in the key of E. In this solo, I successfully target the B# (enharmonic C Natural) on the first rotation and the D# on the second rotation. But that’s just me, feel free to go your own way.

Lick 1: I'm using the major pentatonic from the upper extension of the traditional blues box. I’m starting in a relatively high register with a lot of energy, tempered by having to nail the weird chord, which creates some nice melodicism. The great thing about embracing the chords that are outside the key is that they make great opportunities for melodic ideas to flourish, so take advantage of them rather than being annoyed by them.

Lick 2: Classic rock/rockabilly lick. I think this lick was in the first “rock licks” book my first teacher made me get. Nail those subdivisions!

Lick 3: Bluesy pentatonic lick! I don’t care if you play this lick exactly, just so long as you nail the subdivisions and the last note, you're good.

Lick 4: Ascending E Major pentatonic lick - the first lick in the 50 Radio Rock Licks You Must Know course!

Lick 5: Sixths. This is a hodge podge of major and minor that are strung together in order to get us from the A chord up to the E chord. We're using voice leading to pull the ear through some stuff that’s not properly in the key.