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Watch the Mystical Phrygian online guitar lesson by Tony Smotherman from Essentials: Power Ballad Soloing

At the start of our solo, we begin with a scale run from the Phrygian dominant scale, spanning the 9th fret to the first. By breaking the scale up in fragments on different strings, you can see how the phrasing can really work in your benefit instead of staying in one position. We also make use of a pedal point idea to create a repeating melodic idea that really helps create a motif before hitting a target note.

Towards the end of the solo, we create a theme using notes of the scale. Creating themes in your solos will really help create a story for your song. At the end of the solo, we bring things back to where they began with the exact same scale run as the intro. Bringing things back home helps solidify a solo and make it sound like it belongs.