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Watch the Essentials: Open Tunings online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from Essentials: Open Tunings

This has been a really exciting course for me to present to you. I’ve been slap-tapping and harmonic slapping away in these and other tunings for the past 40 years, and I’ve always hoped that I could pass along the joy it brings me to others. Before now, it was challenging because my compositions tend to be complex and require additional skills (besides the skill of tuning).

Creating this course meant I had to compose pieces that could be played without having to first learn how to slap and tap and all that! So I have high hopes for you. Hopes that you’ll use these tunings and the accompanying etudes as a jumping off point. I envision you adding all these great colors to your personal set of crayola crayons and spending time creating new works of art. Above all, I hope you’ve enjoyed the process we’ve gone through here.

Things you can do now:

1. Forget all about this course and stay in standard tuning from now on.
2. Play with the ‘Diatonic and Additional Chords’ chart I’ve given you for each tuning.
3. Use the ideas in the ‘Creating a New Tuning’ and ‘Exploring a New Tuning’ PDFs
4. Start a ‘Rut Busting’ ritual. Make it daily, or every time you pick up the guitar.
5. Learn to play one of your favorite songs in an open tuning.
6. Congratulate yourself! You made it through this bloody course!
7. Let me know how many strings you broke over the duration of this course.
8. Take the next creative leap and check out my ‘3D Acoustic Guitar’ course which will teach you all about slap-tapping, body percussion and such silliness. Adding these techniques toopen tunings will turn the world as you now know it upside-down.

The 'Rut Buster Exercise': My classical guitar teacher from college, Edward Flower gave us this advice:
Take the first 5 minutes (or so) when you pick up your instrument and play only things you’ve never played before.

Try it.

It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. And it’s an incredible way to break through old habits and into new creative territory. It’s triple the fun and amazement doing this in an open tuning where the rules are already being broken. By doing this on a regular basis, you actually strengthen the muscles of creativity. You learn, like in a meditation practice, to let go of everything you know and enjoy the free fall that follows!

Watch Vicki do the Rut Buster at her website: