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Watch the C 11 add 9 Tuning online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from Essentials: Open Tunings

(*Naming: This could also be called C9sus4. Some say that C11 implies the presence of the 3rd in the chord, which in this case is not there.) This tuning is very new for me and I created it in order to represent the feeling tone of the tuning I use for Atomic Reshuffle (BbBbEbGAbBb). The AR tuning is too challenging for strings, guitar necks and most players, yet the song is my most requested piece. With its dominant 7 and suspended 4 this tuning also has similar qualities to DADGCD and in fact, it’s very close in terms of intervals and chord tones except this tuning has a 9 added.

Songs of mine: Atomic Etude (only recorded here and for Akustik Player Magazine).

There is still more to be found for me in this tuning, since it’s so new and had a very specific purpose. I give you this final etude in the course as a ‘thank you’ for giving me your trust as we tuned and retuned our way through ‘Essential Open Tunings’!