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Watch the The Desert online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Essentials: Neoclassical Rock Soloing

We're playing the pickup to the downbeat, so get it right and keep it in time!
The downbeat is on a bent note - so bend it in tune!
This section is an ascending progression - which we haven't seen a lot of during this course so it's really refreshing and majestic sounding.

"Harmonic minor is also called the Spanish Phrygian scale or something" - that's a hot tip right there.
There's a great tip in there about Yngwie using the b7 (or b3 in this case) as a passing tone when playing descending lines from the harmonic minor scale.
Ascending diminished arpeggio lick - learn it, love it.
Egyptian sounding descending line - I don't know about you, but I like to draw inspiration from everything I hear, and I really enjoy a lot of pop that comes from Arabia. I got turned onto some of the best stuff by the Egyptian guy that owned the falafel shop by my house in Brooklyn. I'm not recommending a vegetarian diet or anything, but who doesn't love falafel? That's a hot tip right there.