Watch the Essentials: Funk Rhythm Guitar online guitar lesson by Oz Noy from Essentials: Funk Rhythm Guitar

Hi, I'm Oz Noy and welcome to Essentials: Funk Rhythm. Funk guitar is rooted in rhythm, packed with concepts like groove, playing in the pocket, and interacting with other musicians. In this edition of Essentials, we'll jump right in to the playing with 11 funk pieces in a variety of keys and feels.

We'll start with a fundamental rhythm incorporating funk chordal runs. Next, we'll cover a repetition based rhythm part, then I'll show you how smaller chords can really help emphasize a groove. We'll go over some right hand techniques and really start to drive our rhythms. Then, we'll work on a funky approach using 7/6 chords, work on a wah-wah inspired guitar groove, and look at voice leading. Incorporating rhythm guitar grooves with other instruments is another key approach, so we'll focus on how the guitar interacts with the drums and bass. Finally, we'll use muting to enhance a funky rhythm part.

I'll perform every piece and break it down for you, pointing out every technique you need to know. As always, you'll have the standard rhythm tracks and notation to work with as you go through the course. Grab your guitar and let's get started!