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Watch the Essentials: Fingerstyle Blues online guitar lesson by David Hamburger from Essentials: Fingerstyle Blues

In Essentials: Fingerstyle Blues, we’re going to explore ten different blues tunes in a variety of keys, tempos and grooves. Using both the steady bass and alternating thumb approach, we’ll check out essential articulations including hammerons, pulloffs, slides and quarter tone bends. We’ll learn about rhythmic anticipations and how they’re used to create syncopations on the blues. Using 12-bar, 24-bar and AABA forms in both standard and dropped-D tuning, we’ll work with pickup phrases, jump blues chord voicings and jazz chord substitutions. Finally, we’ll look at how to make bright keys like C and G sound funkier using minor pentatonic scales, and why call-and-response phrasing is key to improving your overall musicality.