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Watch the West Coast Waggin' online guitar lesson by Brooks Robertson from Essentials: Boom-Chick Fingerstyle Etudes

As you dive into this full arrangement of "West Coast Waggin'", notice we'll use many of the techniques you've seen with our other arrangements such as boom-chick alternating bass, muffled bass, single string lines, and banjo rolls. Any time you have a tune where the bass, chords, and melody are all played simultaneously, the most efficient way of putting together fingerings for the fretting hand is to play a chord form (aka shape or grip) that allows you to play the root of the chord in the bass, some kind of harmony (chord tones) on the middle strings, and the melody on the treble strings. You've probably noticed by now this technique is used in every song we've covered in this course, and as mentioned earlier, it is commonly used to arrange all sorts of songs for fingerstyle guitar. So, be sure as you work through the arrangement that you've got the correct fingerings to guarantee you're playing the song in the easiest, most economical way possible.

Split the song into sections, into, A section, B section, ending, etc, then take sections of 2 - 4 measures at a time and only work that section until you have it down and memorized, then move on to the next measure(s), and so on. All in all I think it's best to use a combination of the resources available, the tabs, the notation, and be aware that there are always numerous variations possible in terms of alternate phrasing, syncopation, anticipations, etc.