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Watch the The Nieliwocki Stroll online guitar lesson by Brooks Robertson from Essentials: Boom-Chick Fingerstyle Etudes

Let's take a closer look at what's going on within this arrangement. As you learn this tune piece by piece, be sure to check in with yourself, are you keeping your technique nice and solid? Are you getting good tone? How is your sense of rhythm (in other words, how is your time and feel?) Notice the use of the thumb of the left (fretting) hand used over the top of the neck to play a bass note on the low E string during a few of the chords like the F#7 and FMaj7.

Just as we've done with our other etudes, the bass strings should be muffled, while letting the treble strings (where the melody is played) sustain clearly. Don't be afraid to "dig in" and play with some snap.

Remember to take sections of 2 - 4 measures at a time and only work that section until you have it down and memorized, then move on to the next measure(s), and so on. As you work up to playing at faster tempos, be sure to play the entire song at the speed in which you can accurately play the most challenging part or section. The chromatic "banjo roll" riff is a good section to focus in on and make sure you've got it clean and accurate. Again, don't forget to reference the tabs and notation.