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online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Essentials: Blues Rock Grooves Vol. 1

I had a lot of fun putting this one together as it pays homage to two of my favorite guitar players, Billy Gibbons and Jake E. Lee. Like all the grooves in this course, we want to make this one as driving and as heavy as we can.

One trick to get this groove right is to alternate pick everything on the main riff. By doing so, we keep the time locked together using the down and up strokes to match up with the sixteenth notes. A sixteenth note is a rhythmic subdivision of four notes per one beat, counting this as 1 e & a, 2 e & a, 3 e & a, 4 e & a. If you listen to the bass part, it's playing steady sixteenth notes and really driving the groove forward. The hi-hat is also catching many of those sixteenth notes, and if we listen to this it makes it pretty easy to lock in with the rhythm section and play sixteenth notes with the right hand. A good exercise if you're having trouble with this is to alternate pick steady sixteenth notes on your low E string over the backing track.