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Watch the Minor Sea Solo online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Essentials: Advanced Blues Soloing

I'm using a clever little device here, and that's bending from a half step below the note I wish to sound. In this case, it's the flat fifth to the natural fifth in the C minor blues scale. I use this technique quite a bit, and in fact, any note that I wish to hold for any length of time is usually a bend. By bending to a note, it allows us a great deal of control over the pitch of that note and we can really get expressive with it. Think about it - if I'm bending to a note, it can give me the opportunity to have a much wider vibrato than I would if I were to fret that note. This is something I learned from three guitar players growing up: David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, And Roy Buchanan.

David Gilmour's first solo on Comfortably Numb is an excellent example of this technique. I can't stress enough spending time learning some of your favorite guitar players songs and solos, everybody steals from everybody else, the trick is to make it your own.