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Watch the Cross Saw Solo online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Essentials: Advanced Blues Soloing

While you're listening to my fabulous solo on this, let's talk about gear. It can be an obsession for many of us, myself included, but as I have gone through far too much gear and spent entirely too much money, and lost entirely too much money reselling gear, I've come to the conclusion of give me a good guitar and a good amp. If you have a decent guitar, I would highly suggest investing in a very good amp. My thinking is this: The great guitar into a mediocre amp is not doing you any favors, as you're limited by the amplifier. The decent guitar into a great amp is a huge tonal upgrade. It's also easier to hear a great guitar when you're playing a great amp. The nuances are lost when using a not so good amplifier.

I'm a great believer in tube amplifiers over solid-state or modeling, only when it's an excellent tube amp. Often times, a decent modeler will sound much better than a cheap tube amp. But, nothing beats a great tube amp. People will try to convince you otherwise, but they're wrong!