Theo van Niel Jr. About the Educator

Theo van Niel Jr. is a professional guitar player, composer and music teacher.

Growing up as a son of a record store owner Theo Jr. was exposed to many different musical styles at an early age. ''During my youth I would be hearing the best music there was day in, day out..'' recalls Theo. Mesmerized by the breathtaking guitar parts of a Johnny Winter record, he first picked up the guitar at age 8 and started taking guitar lessons. Soon he would be putting in the many hours it needed to master the instrument. Within a few years he would be sharing the stage with many established musicians..

When Theo was 17, he started studying at the Rotterdam Music conservatory and graduated with honors at age 21. At this time he was already performing and touring with numerous artists and bands. Most notably is his role as lead guitarist and co-writer for Mojo Man, a well received and successful 9-piece blues rock formation. The self-titled debut album 'Mojo Man' (2015) received favorable reviews, with many critics praising Theo's guitar playing.

In 2017 he released his highly anticipated debut solo album, Practised Bravado, featuring world class drummers Thomas Lang (Paul Gilbert) and Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot). On this album he showcased his particular wide range skill set as a musician and has put his name on the map of the international music scene. With his unique approach and mastery of many different musical styles, he is acclaimed to be one of the top guitar players of the Netherlands.

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