Richard Gilewitz About the Educator

For over three decades Richard Gilewitz has charmed audiences with road tales and right-hand wizardry, creating a sparkle of mood mastery and wonderment worldwide. Fondly noted as one of the strangest men in acoustic music with his quirky outlook on life, Richard lives up to this depiction with rousing shows filled with hot chops and humor as he offers up a guitar history from blues to folk, the traditional to classical. He fascinates listeners with 6 and 12-string finger gymnastics and spins enchanting yarns of a seasoned raconteur while his signature style delivers technical diversity of banjo style patterns and classical arpeggios with a rhythmic percussive approach. Recently he has accepted the challenge of transferring his fingerpicking techniques to the ukulele and his Ukulele Adventures are adding a new dimension to this entertaining performer and master guitarist. As a TrueFire artist, Richard offers online workshops and classrooms in addition to several software courses.

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