Ravi About the Educator

Ravi Hutheesing (Rah-vee Hut- ee-sin) is a musician and keynote speaker who built his brand globally as an artist-entrepreneur and social-entrepreneur. His philosophies and strategies have helped businesses, educators, and over a million people throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia bridge generational and cultural divides. Additionally, the US Department of State engages Ravi as a cultural diplomat to create music programs worldwide that foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

His worldwide visibility skyrocketed as the guitarist for triple Grammy nominee, Hanson. Their massive fan base of the earliest millennials made them the top-selling band in the world around the turn of the millennium. Ravi has performed on stages that include the White House, Madison Square Garden, Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and Saturday Night Live; authored Dancin' with Hanson (Simon & Schuster) and over a hundred articles for major magazines; and released interactive-video music courses, CDs of original music, and multiple singles.

Also an aviator, Ravi discovered that 50% of pilots play a musical instrument. Yet, the aviation industry was not using music to attract millennials and help reverse the shrinking pilot population (millennials prioritize music). "The Raviator" created a niche market within aviation by performing concerts at air shows, becoming the spokesman for products targeting pilots, and developing a signature model folding guitar to fit in small airplanes.

As a cultural diplomat for the US Department of State, Ravi first went to Russia in 2015 and delivered a series of lectures on artist-entrepreneurship and youth leadership. In 2016, he went to Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim population, and created a songwriting camp for millennials from ASEAN nations, showcasing how arts and entrepreneurship can bridge the most severe cultural and religious divides see video. More programs will be added globally in 2017. The State Department has also contracted Ravi to be a judge for the prestigious 2017/2018 American Music Abroad program, for which ten bands will be selected out of hundreds to represent American culture overseas.

Ravi is the first American born member of India's Nehru-Gandhi family who created and governed the world's largest democracy for over 40 years.

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