Mike Keneally About the Educator

In 1987, at age 26, Mike called the Zappa Hotline and left a message saying he knew all of Frank's stuff, could play it on guitar and keyboards and sing it as well, and if such a person was ever needed he would be thoroughly available. Two days later, Zappa called back to say, "I don't believe you. Get your ass up here and prove it." Mike did, and since then has become one of the Zappa family's favored musicians, having played with Frank, Dweezil and Ahmet and leading the tribute ensemble Zappa's Universe. Mike is more than just a Zappa-ite, however. He produces artists around San Diego and has begun writing a column for Guitar Player dealing with that elusive entity known as 'style.' His solo album is called Hat - it's, as expected, eclectic and unique.

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