Lindsey Boullt About the Educator

When you listen to Lindsey Boullt’s guitar playing, you hear that relationship between the fiercely devoted musician and the human being saying, "I take chances and risk everything." Coming to the guitar at the ripe age of 21 years old, Lindsey has now established himself in San Francisco as a premier guitarist, composer and instructor. His latest CD project includes the likes of Stu Hamm, Jeremy Colson and Chris Manning and is the latest demonstration of Lindsey's ability to musically communicate how culture, chaos and the reverence for odd time can be organized into precision and power. As a guitar instructor, Lindsey's unique ability to motivate, organize and inspire his students' pursuit of the guitar often explodes into bigger intentions--that through music, we make our lives better and we bring self-belief and authenticity to unparalleled heights.

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