Julian Scarcella About the Educator

Hi I am Julian,
It is nice to meet you! I am a German guitar player, composer and produce. I produce now for over 4 years product videos for companys such as Engl Amps, Ortega Guitars, Manne Guitars, ACPAD, Codial and more. Because of that, my internet presence is grown pretty fast and I start using my social media platforms to present my work. Please have a look:

I played with guitar players all over the world live and in video colabs. Such as this with Kenny Serane, Niklas Turmann, Stefano Sebbo Xotta

Or this with Victor Smolski, Marco Wriedt, Francesco Lucidi and Christopher Bolte.

I love to always challenge myself and to play every day something new in a different project. Thats why I play in multiples projects in different styles such as Jazz, Metal, Country, Rock, Funk

Next to my artist work, I do workshops/education work in music schools, universitys and messen such as Frankfurter Musikmesse and more.

At the moment I study Jazz Guitar at the Music University for Music, Theater and Media in Hanover/Germany.

Thanks for reading my text until the end. Hopefully you get some informations about me. Feel free to contact me for answering some questions.

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