Jean-Marc Belkadi About the Educator

When Jean-Marc Belkadi graduated from the Los Angeles Musicians Institute of Technology, he received the Outstanding Jazz Student of The Year Award presented to him by Joe Pass.
Few years later, he is awarded third and second prize at the Billboard Song Contest, a notorious contest famous for his chairman Quincy Jones and celebrity jury.
In Los Angeles, Jean-Marc performs with the best: Joe Pass, Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Robben Ford, Larry Corryell, Tal Farlow, Bob Sheppard, Alfonso Johnson, Ralph Humphrey, Victor Bailey, Hans Zermuehlen , Ernst Homeyer and every time his friend Mike Stern is in town, they jam all night.
Jean Marc Belkadi has a CD STOPOVER and 11 Instructional books published by HAL LEONARD. These concepts address the Jazz, Rock and Fusion soloists and are sold with a CD worldwide.

The Instructional books:
1 - A Modern Approach to Jazz, Rock & Fusion 1997
2 - The Diminished Scale for Guitar 1997
3 - Advanced Scale Concepts & Licks for Guitar 1999
4 - Jazz-Rock Triad Improvising for Guitar 2000
5 - Slap & Pop Technique for Guitar 2001
6 - Outside Guitar Licks 2002
7 - Progressive Tapping Licks 2003
8 - Classical Themes for Electric Guitar 2004
9 - Ethnic Rhythms for Electric Guitar Jan 2005
10- Exotic Scales & Licks for Electric Guitar Oct 2005
11- Technique Exercises for Guitar 2006

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