Jay-P About the Educator

Jay-P (real name: Jan-Peter Beijersbergen, b. 1969, Rotterdam) is a professional Dutch guitar player, singer, composer, arranger, and music tutor, working both in studios and on stage.

From the young age of 10, he's been studying classical guitar, with one of his earlier tutors being Luut Buijsman, known for his work with The Kilima Hawaiians. Still as a child, he picked up the electric guitar with Jimi Hendrix as his biggest inspiration.

In the period 1988-1994, he studied jazz and fusion at the conservatories of Zwolle and Utrecht. At the same time, he received private lessons from jazz-guitarist Eef Albers, who played with Focus in the late seventies.

After his graduation, he became the all-round, guitar virtuoso he is now known as. Musically, he’s familiar with many different styles, such as jazz, fusion, heavy metal, classical, and country. Above all, he is a rock musician with lots of blues and soul in it. His main influences (besides Hendrix) are Michael Schenker, Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Wes Montgomery.

He's worked with numerous bands and artists from all over the world, with his discography consisting of hundreds of albums, also performing on radio and television. For several years, he's been running a professional studio in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

In 2008, he released his first solo rock album, Still Fine, on which he shows his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist. His latest album is titled Listen To The Dawn, released in 2015. He was also a member of the Celtic rock band Scrum, with which he released the album Pro Libertate in 2007.

He's worked with popular artists around the world such as Chris Eaton, Darrell Mansfield, Ralph van Manen, Lori Spee, Harry Muskee (Cuby & The Blizzards), Mathilde Santing, and more. He recently toured with the American gospel-rockers Randy Stonehill and Matthew Ward. At the end of 2016, he became a member of the Pur Sang band with legendary Dutch performer Rob de Nijs, with which he's toured all over Holland and Belgium as well as released the album Niet Voor Het Laatst in 2017.

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