Dave Celentano About the Educator

Dave Celentano is one of the industry's hottest and most sought-after guitar instructors and has been teaching for over 25 years and is proficient in many styles of music including rock, blues, heavy metal, jazz and classical, and specializes in rock, blues, metal, multi-finger tapping, sweep picking, music theory, and reading music..

Dave’s expertise and educational chops were displayed during seminars at Musician’s Institute and a multitude of music stores on the west coast. His teaching and transcribing skills have helped thousands of students who have attended private lessons with Dave. Many students remain with Dave for several years.

Dave assisted iconic German guitarist Michael Schenker with his very first instructional video ‘The Legendary Guitar of Michael Schenker’ by transcribing his solos and creating lessons for six of Schenker’s biggest hits including ‘Doctor Doctor’ and ‘Rock Bottom’. “In this close-up look at the style and techniques of this truly legendary guitarist, master guitar instructor Dave Celentano breaks down and analyzes in detail the soloing techniques of this phenomenal guitar legend.”

Some of Dave's recent guitar tutorial releases include: "Thesaurus Of Scales and Melodic Patterns For Guitar" (Music Sales), "Michael Bloomfield Legendary Licks" (Cherry Lane Music), and "Mastering The Modes For The Rock Guitarist" (Cherry Lane Music).

Dave has three solo CSs: "Guitar Stew", "Wicked Music Box", and "Desert Storm" and can by heard/purchased on iTunes, iHeart Radio, CDBaby and Spotify.

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