Andy Irvine About the Educator

Andy Irvine is musician, author, and educator who has achieved world wide recognition. His devotion to his craft of the bass guitar has established him as one of the worlds leading educators and sources of inspiration to countless musicians around the entire globe. Andy has toured 25 countries in recent years sharing his musical concepts and spreading his own brand of funky cheer. His musicianship journey began in 1982 when he was given a bass guitar for his 12th birthday. From that moment forward he was filled with a passion and insatiable appetite for all things music which has shaped the direction of his entire life. As touring pro and accomplished session musician Andy has highly developed his craft and individual style, and continues to do so. With a playful spirit, infinitely open mind to all music styles, and his devotion to the groove he is respected far and wide by his fans, peers and the music industry as a whole. Andy has 3 album releases of completely original material to his credit, in addition to recording credits on over 50 other albums. His band, The Andy Irvine Group, performs regulary in the USA and Europe. In 2014 he authored the book "Passion and Action a Musician's Journey" which has garnered exceptional reviews world wide. For more information and up to date news visit, his fully interactive website which features his blog, mobile apps, media section, store and much more!

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