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Watch the The Bass Drum online guitar lesson by Danny Gottlieb from Master Class Drum Lessons

There are many ways to play the bass drum. I use both the traditional jazz method of allowing the beater ball to rebound (with the heel down), as well as the modern, staccato method of jamming the beater into the head for accents (with the heel up). For jazz time playing, the bass drum is normally played lightly, "feathering" the beat under the more dominant cymbal beat.

Major Points:
1. You can play with heel up or heel down. I mainly use heel down.
2. You can play the bass drum by letting the head ring (normally used for jazz), or a more tight sound, where you jam the beater into the head. The music, and the drum sound needed usually determine the particular approach

Study Tips:
1. Try all approaches-find what works best for you, but play musically
2. Listen to the master drummers, and analyze their type of bass drum sound and approach used

3. Work on bass drum exercises, and develop control at all tempos and dynamic levels