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Watch the Rock online guitar lesson by Danny Gottlieb from Master Class Drum Lessons

bass drum on 1 and 3, the snare on 2 and 4
5. Ex. 5 illustrates 4 quarter notes on the hi hat
6. Ex. 6 includes the bass drum on one
7. Ex. 7 adds a snare on 2
8. Ex. 8 is bass drum on one and 3, snare on 2 and 4
9. Ex. 9 illustrates 16th notes
10. Ex. 10 adds the bass drum on 1
11. Ex. 11 adds a snare drum on 2
12. Ex. 12 adds a bass drum on 3
14 Ex. 13 adds a bass drum on 1 and 3, snare on 2 and 4
15. Ex. 14-18 are some 16th note variation, illustrating the 16th note subdivisions By today’s standards, these are fairly easy patterns, but the main point is to really feel the 16th notes very accurately.

Gary Chester’s The New Breed, which incorporates singing into the practice routine, is highly recommended for further study in the development of accurate straight eighth note playing and performance. Please note the cd included , which features an interview with Gary describing his approach an concepts.