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Watch the Moeller Stroke online guitar lesson by Danny Gottlieb from Master Class Drum Lessons

Many students think the Morello/Stone method is the Moeller method, but in reality the Moeller Stroke is a completely different stoke. As Joe Morello explains in his teachings, the Stone method is basically "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line". It is made but starting at a specific distance from the drum. The Moeller stroke, however, uses a whipping motion. The stroke starts down near the drum surface and involves whipping the stick with the forearm and elbow, which after getting a single accent creates multiple rebounds. The Moeller is great for single accents, but cannot be used for multiple accents. It is mainly played in three or four note groupings, but can be used in two, five, six or seven note groupings as well.

Major Points:
1. Use Whipping Motion to create one accent and multiple rebounds
2. Can be used in groups of two, three, four, five and six notes
3. Elbow hits body early during motion, like a flam
4. Different than Stone Method, as you can NOT play multiple accents
5. Works well with single stroke rolls
6. Works well with vamps from hand to hand

Practice Exercises:
1.These exercises show a variety of ways to use the Moeller Stroke

Study Tips
1. Watch video clips, and then watch yourself in a mirror. Try to imitate left and right hand motions
2. Arm motion is not so dramatic at lower volumes. Again, watch motion in a mirror
3. Use Joe Morello's Master studies for further study and exercises