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Watch the Holding The Sticks online guitar lesson by Danny Gottlieb from Master Class Drum Lessons

One of the great things I learned in my studies with Joe Morello is a definitive concept on how to hold the sticks. As Joe explained years ago, most drummers, when asked how they hold the sticks, show a grip, but don't have a real explanation of why they are holding the sticks a particular way. "My teacher showed me", or "It feels good", or "I saw it in a picture in a book", or "I saw another drummer playing this way" are usual answers. All are valid to a point, but don't really explain specifically why you would hold a stick from an anatomical or logical standpoint. This segment deals with the analysis of the method I use, and the logic behind it. When I show it to my students, most are thrilled with the understanding of the concept, and are thrilled with the results. Others, though, appreciate the approach, but choose to do their own modifications. It's up to you, but when you find that you are having problems improving your technique, or are having pains or tension, this is a good reference for self analysis of your approach. It does work for me, and I am so happy that I have a method of holding the sticks that I can define.

Major points:
1. Very relaxed
2. Joe Morello's Natural Drumming approach
3. No tension with waving motion
4. Hold stick the way the hand moves without the stick
5. No squeezing or tension
6. Allow wrists to move freely
7. Space between thumb and first finger, no squeezing
8. Relaxed method, not a drum corps approach
9. Hold stick in crease of first finger
10. Keep fingers on the stick, so you can use the fingers
11. First finger over the stick as contact point
12. Bottom fingers used as buffer
13. Traditional of Matched? Your choice
14. Mel Lewis felt traditional grip was more loose, jazz oriented.
15. More power when wrists are flat (as opposed to French grip)
16. Most important: No squeezing, no tension!!!!!