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Watch the Full Stroke online guitar lesson by Danny Gottlieb from Master Class Drum Lessons

The Joe Morello/Stone approach uses a level system. Dynamics are played by starting at different heights, as opposed to hitting the drum harder, or squeezing. The grip at a low volume is basically the same as at a louder volume - it just starts at a higher position from the snare. But, many people do not use this approach. As I describe in this segment, when you analyze your own stroke by playing left and right very slowly, most drummers start low and raise the stick up before you make the stroke, or one goes down as the other goes up. With this method, you pick a distance from the drum, throw the stick down, and as Joe Morello describes, you ACCEPT the rebound by allowing the stick to bounce back to the starting position.

Joe divides his technical approach to the snare drum into wrist, arms and fingers. The FULL Stroke relates to the full range of motion using the wrist. You start in a ceiling position (straight up and down), and stick the drum and allow the stick to return back to the starting position.

Major Points:
1. The first stoke we study is the Full Stroke. Start with stick in ceiling position, throw stick down, accept rebound back to starting position
2. Don't bring stick back, allow stick to rebound. Think only down
3. Loudest wrist stroke. Full Range of motion
4. No squeezing
5. According to Joe Morello, Full Stroke does three things: Loosens the muscles; develops reflexes, develops consistent (loud) sound

Practice Exercises:

Use the following four exercises to develop the full stroke. Use Mr. Stone's Stick Control for further study. (and Joe Morello's Master Studies Vol 1 and 2 as mentioned)

Study Tips:
1. Start slowly, make sure sound is consistent
2. Watch movement in a mirror
3. Start at Ceiling position, allow stick to rebound back to starting position
4. Watch tips of sticks to make sure each full stroke starts at same spot
5. Important…..No windup before each stroke. Make sure each strokes goes down and back freely
6. No squeezing, no tension
7. Use metronome to increase tempo gradually. Make sure you have control of each stroke