Watch the Conclusion online guitar lesson by Danny Gottlieb from Master Class Drum Lessons

Thank you for watching this educational demonstration and interactive course from TrueFire. It is my goal, through this amazing medium, to provide you with some helpful ideas based in my 30 plus years of drumming, studying, and teaching. It's really an endless study, and as you can tell by the examples I have provided, that I have been unbelievably lucky to have become friends with and study with some of the greatest drummers in history. I hope you find some useful material that will aid in the development of your own musical growth.
I would like to thank Joe Morello, Mel Lewis, Ed Soph, Gary Chester, Jack de Johnette, Bob Moses, Airto Moreira, Harold Jones, Jim Chapin, Jimmy Cobb, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, and Steve Bagby for their friendship, help, and unbelievable support throughout the development of my drumming career.
As I now enter my sixth year as a full time professor at the University of North Florida, I would also like to thank my students for their amazing dedication and want to let them know that I admire them all as they forge new directions in their own pursuit of a musical life. For the first thirty years of my professional life, I was just a drummer. I never did any teaching, or even considered it. I was just a player and a long time student of the drums. But my teachers seemed to derive pleasure out of watching me progress, and I now I understand their satisfaction, and their unending desire to help. As I get older, and start losing some of my most valued friends, teachers and relatives, you begin to finally accept that life is finite, and that you have one time to pass through. What I am feeling is that if you help someone, or make a difference in someone's life, it provides the greatest pleasure. Again, I have to thank all of my teachers and friends, as they have made that difference in my life, and I hope I can provide the same assistance to my students, and those of you studying this course.

Another person I would like to thank in this conclusion, is actor/bassist/friend Gary Sinise. For the past five years, my wife and I have been touring around the world, playing mainly benefits for the Military with the Lt Dan Band. The experience has changed my life forever, and has brought new meaning to the thoughts of giving back, and performing to be of benefit to someone. We recently played in Afghanistan and at Brooks Army Medical Center, and I will never forget these travels. My thoughts and prayers go to all whom are serving around the world. For further information on our exploits, please visit

In these times of uncertainty, music is truly a gift. Being a performer, for me, has been the most wonderful profession, even with all of the ups and downs. I wish you all so much luck and love in the pursuit of your own musical dreams, and please realize that being an artist is one of the most wonderful and rewarding contributions you can make to the world. Good luck to all!

Danny Gottlieb

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