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Watch the Wide Open E online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

In this study I am basically playing out of E mixolydian, but I'm incorporating a lot of chromatics and blue notes so in my mind any note is fair game. There was no rhythm guitar and even though I am playing a major tonality I can use a lot of other notes to spice up the sound. I started out the solo by just kind of whomping on the open A and D strings then into some double stop licks on the same two strings. That part is very much like the song on my first CD called Boots Likes To Boogie but in a different key. From there I wanted to do some higher chicken picking stuff and work my way down to and open E7. I then move up to an A/E but leave the D string open to get that minor 2nd interval. I like to hit it with the whammy bar a little bit. Next I superimpose some of the suspensions we learned earlier over this E tonality like Asus and Dadd9. Next I played something similar to the earlier E7 lick but now I am using the low E string as a pedal point. If you think about it, that lick is very similar to Elvis Presley's Mystery Train, but in this context doesn't sound anything like it. I really like to use that low E pedal tone as it provides some nice rhythmic ideas.