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Watch the The Milk Truck online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

The study is a slow G minor 12 bar blues, I start off by really emphasizing string bending and vibrato. I'm going for real expressive vocal quality that we discussed earlier that we can get on the guitar by hanging on one note and really making it speak. On this first bend, if you look at my thumbnail you can see that it is turning white. That's because there's a lot of strength involved getting that bend right. Along with using a lot of string pressure I am also striking the note very hard. I'm also using my middle finger of my pick hand to pop some notes to get a really aggressive sound. As you can see on the first chorus I used some more traditional approaches to play over the blues. On the second chorus I tried to emphasize the open string ideas that are available in G. I started out using a lower note idea using the open G string as a pedal tone, I love this sound. On this lick I am using the middle finger to play the open G string and the pick to play the notes below it. I will point that out when I am playing the fourth and third string in unison, I am not using the pick, just fingers on my right hand. On the IV chord I went to some ideas that are little higher up the neck. I use a cool rake on an upstroke across two strings and then use a pull-up on the final note. As you can see I am using a lot of string popping throughout. You can build a whole solo using the open strings and pedal tones to get a really rich, thick sound. This works great especially if you have a rhythm section that does not overplay and allows the space to let those notes really ring out.