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Watch the Texas Shuffle online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

We're going to take a look at a Texas shuffle in the key of E, this is a groove I play a lot down in Texas of course. It's basically an E major tonality but I am going to play a lot of blues scale/minor pentatonic mixing major and minor 3rds. They both work in a blues. I'm going to start with one note with some really nice vibrato on it. From there I am going to go into some chromatic jazzy legato phrasing. I will use a double time feel on those licks that you hear a lot of jazz players use that I like to superimpose over a shuffle. On the second chorus I'm going to go to the more traditional shuffle feel accenting the upbeats while muting with the left hand as we saw earlier. On the IV and V chords my thumb will come over the top to fret the bass notes. On the second course to add some interest by keeping the shuffle idea yet adding some single notes to make it more the lead part than rhythm part. On the V chord I'll add even more licks and on the IV I'll show you how you can play an A7 chord to an Asus within this structure for more solo ideas. We should all do something similar to the way I started the whole thing with the E blues scale run. I want to emphasize that the whole study is to keep an eye on my thumb. It is critical to getting the strength and control of the vibrato. Also for the upstroke feel and technique you have to have the thumb involved.