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Watch the Texas Shuffle online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

In this basic Texas shuffle in E I started out by just hitting one note, the E with some really nice vibrato. I want to emphasize the thumb throughout this whole study giving me the strength to control the vibrato. Next I really concentrate on licks that use chromatic runs with a double time legato jazz phrasing. I really like that double time feel over the shuffle feel. On the second chorus I went back to the real common Texas thing with the off beats where every upbeat is a muted up stroke. On the IV and V chords I use the same idea but incorporate some licks into that rhythm to add some variation. On the second IV chord I go from A7 to an Asus where the thumb is critical to playing the bass notes. I ended back with the shuffle feel again then an E blues scale in the open position. I added in the natural third which is not technically in the E blues scale but remember the concept of chromatics and in the blues major and minor 3rds work equally as well.