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Watch the Taking the A7 Train online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

On this one I am playing over a train beat feel on an A blues. I'm emphasizing the A mixolydian scale which is a D major scale starting on the A. I started off by mixing a lot of chicken picking and double stop ideas together. First I play a traditional kind of blues lick that quickly morphed into a rockabilly lick. When I get the record I play more of a chicken picking sliding sixth lick. There I'm using double stops where hybrid picking is essential to get the sound and feel right. On the second chorus I concentrate on utilizing open strings and show you that we just don't have to stay in the open position on the neck. In the key of A Mixolydian all the open strings are available to us so you can have a lot of fun getting some unexpected sounds. Keeping with the open string idea on the IV in the open position I am using a lot of hammer ons and pull offs, when I get back to the I7 chord I play the same lick but change the C to a C# to better outline the chord. I end with some single note chicken picking ideas I started with to round the soil out.