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Watch the Soloing with Triads online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

I want to show you how I use triads and soloing. Generally I like to use them in the middle range of the guitar on strings two through five. In the first example I will show you how how to use a A, G, and D major triads over a groove in A. This would put us in A mixolydian. I like the sound of superimposing the other triads over the A groove, it gives me a much more interesting sound to solo with. You can hear me use this idea in the song "For Your Love" I recorded with Joe Ely. We can apply this to any one chord vamp. Over a minor vamp I will do something a little different. In the second example I am playing over an Am7 groove. Here I will mix major and minor triads, giving us an A Dorian sound. I am using a D and C major triad as well as Bm and Am. All of these chords are contained in the A Dorian scale. I also added in some stacked fourth voicings reminiscent of Wayne Shorter's famous jazz standard Footprints. So as we can see there are many ways to incorporate triads into soloing and rhythm playing.