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Watch the Slow G Groove online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

I started this study by using the open G string as a drone and playing a melody on the B string above it. When I get the 12th fret I bend the B note and add some fast vibrato for a bit of a Middle Eastern sound. On the second half of that chorus I go to some pedal steel licks. On the second chorus I use the Way Down Lick exactly as I play it on my CD but superimposed it over this G blues. I am playing the G mixolydian mode here, but when I go to the IV chord I add in the Bb note which is the minor third. Again I am really mixing and matching major and minor thirds. If I am on the I7 chord I will not hang on the Bb note, I'll either use it as a passing tone or bend it up just a notch so it's sort of in-between the Bb and the B. It's a real expressive bluesy idea that I use all the time. Then I went back to some pedal steel ideas where I bend up to the F# for the 3rd of the V7 chord then back down on the IV chord really emphasizing the F note. To end the solo I use another a pedal steel lick and work my way up the neck using a pedal tone lick and finish with a G blues lick.