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Watch the Slow B Groove online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

In Slow B Groove I am going to emphasize the open strings that are available to me. The rhythm guitar part is a B5 chord, so there is no third, that will allow me to go between major and minor tonalities if I want. I am basically going to use the B Mixolydian mode which contains the same notes as an E major scale starting on B. In the Minor Pedal study we played the F#m blues and I used the F# Dorian scale which is also an E major scale. This gives us the same open string options I had on that tune, so we can see how we can use some of the same ideas in a different situation. I will also use the Bm blues scale which has the flatted third, as the rhythm part is not dictating the tonality of the chord. It can be either a B7 or a Bm7. After that I will go into some country style double stop ideas and bluegrass licks that don't end up sounding that way in this context. Next I move up higher on the neck and use some open string ideas on the E and B strings. I want to remind you if those open strings are in the key you are playing in, you can combine them with notes higher on the neck to get a more unexpected sound. I will end the study the way I started with the open B string drone lick.