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Watch the Rolling E Train online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

In this study I am basically using an E mixolydian scale on the I7 chord. On the IV7 (A7) I would add in the minor 3rd, and on the V7 chord (B7) I add in the major 7 which is the 3rd of the B7 chord. But basically I'm playing out of E mixolydian. First I start with triad bends as you saw earlier in the course. These are the ones that were pulled downward with my first finger, this may take some time to develop the hand strength to do properly. When I went to the IV7 and V7 chords I used a straight double stop idea then back to some triad bends. In the second chorus I use the power chord idea and lift up that one finger and hybrid pick to play a melody within that simple chord. Now remember that's a movable shape so when I went to the IV7 chord (A7) then moved the same ideas back down to the E7. On the V7 chord (B7) I play the triad on the 4th fret with my 1st finger and use my 4th finger to play the sus4 chord to the 3rd. On the last V7 chord I use a pretty involved lick using chromatics. It's tricky so take it slow!