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Watch the Pentatonic Scale Fingerings online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

Outside of the major scales and related modes that we just covered, the pentatonic scales are my next most used scale. Let me give you a few examples using the A major pentatonic scale. The notes of an A major pentatonic scale are ABC#EF#. This gives us that Dicky Betts major pentatonic scale sound. The thing that makes that scale sound so different from the mixolydian scale is that it does not contain the flatted seventh. Without the flatted seventh the scale has a much brighter sound and not quite as aggressive sounding. It's an important scale to know for the style of music I play along with blues, rock and country. In the second example I will use the same notes as the A major pentatonic scale but use it over an F#m7 chord vamp. In this case the scale functions as an F#m pentatonic scale. If you wanted to make this an F#m blues scale we would add in the b5. Along with the major scales, related modes, major and minor pentatonic scales, the only thing I would add to my style of playing is chromatics which we will cover in the next section.