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Watch the Minor Pedal online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

Once again we have an F#m blues with a vm7 chord. I am once again using an F# minor scale which is a # major scale starting on F#. I am also using an F#m blues scale which n the vm7 chord adds a cool mean feel to it. I started out using open string ideas with pulloffs which can be thought of as a Bsus chord. I have the B and D# with the open E, and I fret and pull off the F# on the high string. I'll add in some open stings as well that gives me some really cool sounds like the minor second between E and D#. I do that a lot! I move the same open string ideas down to the low strings to get a cool quality on the F#m chord. On the IV chord I moved diatonic shapes in F# Dorian while keeping the B string ringing for a really nice sound. On the second chorus I put the pedal tone on the F# on the 9th fret, my first finger while bending the minor third with my second. I will use hybrid picking by using my middle finger to sound the A and just bend that just shy of the minor third to keep it in the blue note realm. Then I went to some pedal tone ideas in the lower register. After that I brought it up an octave over the IV chord for some bigger stretches. On the C#m7 chord I play a simple double stop lick with the first finger into a blues lick. To end it I go back to the same melodic idea that I started with which is a nice way to finish off more of a low key groove like this one.