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Watch the Major Scale Fingerings online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

Let's talk about soloing and improvising. I pretty much consider myself a blues based guitar player. I've always subscribed to the raw power and less is more concept of the blues. But I see the blues as a jumping off point for me as even when I am playing the blues I feel like the major scales are always right under my fingers. I feel like it's incredibly complicated for a lot of players to get the concept of the modes. It can be very abstract for a lot of people, myself included. So my approach is to simplify that and practice the major scales in as many fingerings as possible and understand their relationship to other chords. I then let the muscle memory of those chords and scales become intuitive. I want to share with you the four main major scales that I use and if you practice them enough you will see how they connect. The first two have the root on the sixth string and I am playing them in the key of G. This is one of the rare times where I will actually alternate pick everything and move my thumb to the middle of the neck. The second two major scale fingerings have the root on the fifth string. Another important thing is to know where the notes are on the neck. I'm often surprised when I do a clinic how many people do not know this. It is extremely important that you know this. For instance if I am soloing in the key of G it really helps to know where all the G's are!