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Watch the Major All Over online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

In this study I played the entire solo just using a D major scale. The chord progression again is D, Em7, and A7. As we discussed earlier, Em7 is the dorian mode of the key of D. That is just a D major scale starting on E. A7 takes the mixolydian mode of D major and that is just a D major scale starting on A. I want to emphasize that since I have the fingerings of D major up and down the neck I don't have to think about changing modes for each chord. Everything I played was just the D major scale, the blue notes and no chromatics. The first time through the progression I played a simple melodic phrase. The second time I used the pedal steel triad ideas where I pull down with my 1st finger on the D and Em7 chords. On the A7 chord I played a single note live using the string popping idea we have seen a number of times in the course. Next I go to a pedal tone idea similar to the ones we've learned earlier in this course as well. As you can see the lower pedal tone is approached by using a slide with my 1st finger. Next I move onto a more stock pedal tone lick with an accented high note all right out of a D major scale. To finish it off I play another simple melodic idea.