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Watch the Gear Talk online guitar lesson by David Grissom from Open Road Guitar

Although I think the majority of my tone comes from my technique and the way I play having the right guitar, amp, and pedals allow me to express myself most easily. I think equipment is really important and I think a lot of people like myself love to talk about gear. I have my own PRS signature guitar that is the culmination of many years of gigging, studio playing, and sessions. The neck shape, frets, pick ups, and wood is what I find works best for me. I have a minimal number of pedals on my board. I use an overdrive, clean boost, a delay, a cheap Arion chorus for an organ sound, and a volume pedal. My philosophy on tone starts with my amplifier. The amp I am using now is my own signature model the DG custom 30 by PRS. I set the amplifier to where if I play really hard and have my guitar volume all the way up I get a nice crunch rhythm tone. If I back the volume off to about 7 it cleans up in a really nice way. So by just using my volume knob and how hard I play the guitar I have a distorted rhythm tone and a great clean tone without touching the amp or pedals. In a way it gives me a two channel amplifier. If I want to add in a third channel I can step on my clean boost pedal for more of a lead tone. The good thing about this set up is that I get to keep the nice organic sound of my amplifier. For a fourth channel I can step on the overdrive pedal which gives me a different thing than the clean boost. A little fatter and more compressed. If I want a fifth channel I'll put the clean boost on too. This kind of set up allows me to cover a lot of bases but what's most important to me is to keep the same organic tone I get on my amplifier.