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Marketing Toolkit

New! TrueFire Mini

Create a "mini" store featuring all your products on your own website using TrueFire's new embeddable store widget.

The widget displays the art, video preview, description and purchase links to check out using TrueFire's cart. The buy links are your optimal revenue share links so you can maximize sales. The best part is that you only have to setup your store once and it will automatically add future courses.

It's basic HTML and compatible with just about every site structure out there whether you use WordPress, SquareSpace or build it from scratch. Create individual widgets for separate types of products or build one with all - it’s your choice!

  • Compatible with Wordpress and other sites
  • Responsive Design
  • Dynamic Width Options
  • One-Time Setup
  • Optimal Sales Experience
  • Auto-Updates with New Products
  • Courses, Jams, Private Lessons, Channel, Indies (or any combo)

Do it Yourself

If you prefer to DIY your own store, or access course-specific marketing assets to use in promotion on your social networks or website, use this tool to get everything you'll need. Choose your project from the drop-down menu below.

Promo Code Request Form

Promo codes are a great way to generate sales and create a sense of urgency. You can request a promo code any time and we'll get one to you. Use them for social media promotions, email marketing sales, and even for live events like workshops or clinics. After form submission, give us a day or two (working days) to get it back to you.

Digital Press Copies Request Form

Spread the word about your new project with the influencers in your network like editors, writers, bloggers and more. You are welcome to send one of your hard copies that you get for free upon launch, but in many cases, sending a digital download version is best because it allows for immediacy, as well as the optimal TrueFire experience with the new player and desktop learning tools, as well as iOS and streaming option.

Use the form to request the download pins - we typically can turn those around within 48 hours (or less). You will find them loaded here. The pins are course-specific and can only be used one time. The recipient must have a TrueFire account to access the course. It's free to them.

The best thing to do is to use the text below to send them (along with one of the pins that are created). Make sure you keep track of which pins are sent out since they cannot be redeemed by more than one person. Feel free to use the text below as a template. Our customer support staff are happy to help should they need any assistance.


  1. Visit and either login or join (it's free)
  2. Enter the unique code included here for you
  3. Upon submission, you'll find my course in MY DOWNLOADS
  4. For optimal viewing, be sure to install the TrueFire app (the link is on this page)
  5. After logging in to the app, you'll find my course available inside for your viewing pleasure
  6. Need assistance? Simply email and they will be happy to assist you

Spark Code

Use your personalized Spark link to generate sales and create fans at TrueFire. Simply share the link (and art files) with your social network and your fans will get a co-branded web experience at TrueFire. The registrant receives a 25% discount (your courses are the recommended products) and 90 days of All Access. The other cool thing is that once someone registers their Spark code you are considered a “Favorite” educator, which means wherever they go on TrueFire, your products will be front and center during web and email interactions and recommendations.

Use the social share widgets below or simply download the assets to post in your own network.

Redemptions Current Redemptions


Your Spark Code Sharing Link



You have submitted art. You will be notified when it is ready, and it will be visible on this page.

Custom Art Requested

Custom art featuring your photo is also available.

Request Custom Art

Help Guides & Examples

Check out the handy guides for best practices when implementing yourself or promoting on social media.

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