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Watch the 30 Country Jazz Licks online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from 30 Country Jazz Licks You MUST Know

Thanks for checking out this course! I was happy to have the opportunity to share this music from a great era for electric guitar and American music. It's my favorite music to play and primarily the music I write and play with my band The String Gliders.

I hope you've enjoyed working through these licks and learning the history of all these fantastic players. Go find these records. There is so much joy in them. I've included many resources to seek this music out. I've put together a YouTube playlist, reference books, sources for finding recordings, and a list of the greats associated with this style. Go to If you'd like to study with me privately, hear my music or my band The String Gliders. Also, I have downloadable lessons and transcriptions on my site. Please sign up to my mailing list or like my Facebook fan page for updates, special offers, and to see when and where I'm performing. I have many other courses and workshops available here at TrueFire:

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Focus On: Travis Picking
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Country Guitar Survival Guide: Lead
Rockabilly Survival Guide: Lead
Blues Connections: Major
1-2-3 Country
1-2-3 Rockabilly Guitar
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50 Country Masters Licks You Must Know

I look forward to working with you again soon! All the best.


Country Music USA by Bill C. Malone
Southwest Shuffle by Rich Kienzie
The Jazz of The Southwest: An Oral History of Western Swing by Jean A. Boyd


Bear Family Records - dedicated to preserving and rereleasing great American music.
Discogs - Great place to find vinyl records.
YouTube Playlist - I've complied playlist of videos of all the artist covered here and more! for full transcriptions and downloadable lessons.

List of Players

Jimmy Bryant
Les Paul
Grady Martin
Hank Garland
Chet Atkins
Roy Lanham
Leon Rhodes
Jimmy Wyble
Benny Garcia
Phil Baugh
Sheldon Bennett
Jimmie Rivers
George Barnes
Thumbs Carllile
Jimmy Capps
Billy Byrd
Speedy Haworth
Buddy Merrill
Zeb Turner
Zeke Turner
Junior Barnard
Roy Clark
Neil LaVang
Merle Travis
Paul Buskirk
Eldon Shamblin
Jethro Burns
Butterball Paige
Bob Wills
Speedy West
Joaquin Murphey
Curly Chalker
Buddy Emmons
Buddy Charleton
Leon McAuliffe