Watch the G Western Swing online guitar lesson by Johnny Hiland from Ten Gallon Guitar

Now right off the bat you'll notice that a lot of the runs you heard me play in this piece used a lot more chromaticism than you would typically hear in chicken pickin' style guitar playing. However, there are many great musical ideas on the jazzy side of things that can be incorporated into chicken pickin' playing and vice versa. I start off with a descending scalar pattern with some chromaticism starting for the D note (10th fret) on the high E string. You'll notice that in this piece I also use the focus scale we talked about previously, this time making the focus C and starting on the b7 of the scale. So as you can see and hear, in this Western Swing example you get to hear a different side to my playing that you don't really get to hear when I'm doing my chicken pickin' stuff, but as I said aspects of this cross over into all styles of playing. Keep on swingin', because this is a great style of playing!