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Watch the E Rockabilly online guitar lesson by Johnny Hiland from Ten Gallon Guitar

All right folks, we're at the rockabilly track. Rockabilly is a fun style, and I must say being the big Danny Gatton fan that I am, I really love rockabilly.

I started this track very loosely in a rockabilly feel. Rockabilly is a clean way of doing mixtures of chicken pickin’ and blues.

I did this step initially, and then from that point I began doing what we learned in the early sections- open scales, and then I did a really fast B scale. All I did was play the focal point scale that I used in D, except that this time I played it extremely fast. Now from this point, I moved down into a Danny Gatton lick where he jumps down to the 12th fret and off the 9th. This is the thing where your pick is bouncing up and down. I call this a bouncy lick. you're hammering from the 9th to the 12th fret. The 9th fret gets the full bar and you're just bouncing off with a b and e from the 12th. And you have the Danny Gatton lick where he does this. All I'm doing here bouncing off from the 12th fret to the major third of that e scale and then I'm hammering on, bouncing to the 14th fret and sliding into to the E position with our first finger on the B and E string. Now sometimes you can slide into it, like I did with the B and E or keep it really straight especially when it's fast. From there, I went up to a B scale, and then I tried to go back to utilize this bend that we learned in D but now we're going to move it up two frets. We dropped our pinky in- same kind of thing, now just doing it E.

In E you have to bend it a whole tone. You can let the E drown in on the bottom or let the third finger on the fourth fret. E 7 triad kind of thing. You can have a lot of fun. I ended it with opry chord I learned this chord in Nashville in 1996. Essentially it's an E and you're barring across and your opry on the 12th fret.

The rockabilly is a lot of fun and I just gave you a small overview of what I've done but I wanted to include elements that we've learned in section 1 but in rockabilly is similar to playing blues and so as a result you have to have quite a bit of attitude on grease to you. It's all based on emotion. If you're having a rough day you're not going to play rockabilly fun.

Rockabilly is what I'd refer to as the happy side of clean blues and so you need to have those elements but is chicken picking a strong element within rockabilly? Absolutely, and we just proved that. So have fun with your rockabilly scales and rockabilly tracks because I guarantee you're going to a hot rod good time. Thank you, and see you soon.